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The primary specialization of Department of Demography and Applied Statistics FRRMS is lies in the area of demographic disciplines (general demography, demography and development, social-economic demography) which are taught at FRRMS in both Czech and English as compulsory courses within bachelor and master study programmes: Regional Development and International Territorial Studies. At the same time Demography is offered as optional course for possible applicants from other MENDELU faculties. The secondary specialization falls within the area of statistics offered in the form of Applied Statistics for bachelor students at FRRMS. Applied Statistics shall provide grounding knowledge necessary for Analysis in Regional Development and Analysis in Territorial Studies. Besides, teachers of the faculty have been traditionally holding courses in statistic disciplines (statistics, data analysis, and biometrics) at Faculty of Agronomy and Faculty of Horticulture. Currently, courses are offered merely to Faculty of Horticulture and to Institute of Lifelong Learning.

Orientation of research-scientific and publication activities is determined by the profile of the departmental staff and aims at demography (one monograph and several participation at conferences recorded annually) and statistical analysis not only in the regional and territorial studies but likewise in other fields of research (economy, agronomy, forestry, water management, medicine, biology and biochemistry) at MENDELU as well as in the framework of other institutions at which the departmental staff is part of.

Head of department is the member of Academic Council of Informatics at VŠE in Prague and member of Editorial Board of impact Journal of Political Economy.

prof. Ing. Bohumil Minařík, CSc.

Head of department